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The Research: Benefits of a Neti Pot

A gentle way to clear the path to better breathing

“The neti pot is a magical elixir for your sinuses, clearing the way for deep breaths and better health.” – Dr. Mehmet Oz

Neti pots offer a gentle and natural approach to improve nasal airflow, making breathing more comfortable. They provide rapid relief without relying on medications and have been supported by scientific research for their effectiveness.

The benefits of neti pots have been proven to  bring relief from nasal congestion, aid in preventing sinus infections, and reduce allergy symptoms. They also help ease postnasal drip and contribute to reducing inflammation, improving overall symptoms. Moreover, their use keeps the nasal passages hydrated, resulting in an enhanced sense of smell and taste.

Scientifically validated and time-tested.

Scientific research prove when using a Neti Pot, the head position and inflow direction play a significant role in filling the maxillary sinuses. Saline solutions are proven effective to not only treat sinus disorders but also help prevent infections.

Scientific Research — 1

Neti pot irrigation volume filling simulation using anatomically accurate in-vivo nasal airway geometry.


[Curr Allergy Asthma Rep] 2013 Apr; Vol. 13 (2), pp. 229-35.


Nasal saline irrigation is frequently utilised in rhinosinusitis management, and after nasal and sinus surgery. Nasal saline irrigation improves mucociliary transport and assists inflammatory mediator and post-surgical debris removal. The aim of this study was to assess the influence different head positions, irrigation inflow nostril, and the nasal cycle have on Netipot nasal saline volume filling within the nasal passages and maxillary sinuses. Computational fluid dynamics modelling using anatomically correct nasal geometry found only minor difference in nasal cavity volume filling with inflow from either side of the nose however both head position and inflow direction were both found to have a major influence on maxillary sinus volume filling. Computational modelling flow velocity results at the nasopharynx were validated using particle image velocimetry. It was also found that directing irrigation inflow into the patent side of the nose while in the head-back position achieved the highest volume filling of both maxillary sinuses.

Scientific Research — 2

Nasal saline irrigations for the symptoms of acute and chronic rhinosinusitis.


[Curr Allergy Asthma Rep] 2013 Apr; Vol. 13 (2), pp. 229-35.


The use of saline nasal irrigation (SNI) in the treatment of nasal and sinus disorders has its roots in the yoga tradition and homeopathic medicine. In recent years, SNI has been increasingly observed as concomitant therapy for acute (ARS) and chronic rhinosinusitis (CRS). Various devices are employed, such as nasal douches, neti pots or sprays. The saline solutions used vary in composition and concentration. This article gives a current overview of literature on the clinical efficacy of SNI in the treatment of ARS and CRS. It then answers frequent questions that arise in daily clinical routine (nasal spray vs. nasal irrigation, saline solution composition and concentration, possible risks for patients). SNI has been an established option in CRS treatment for many years. All large medical associations and the authors of systematic reviews consistently conclude that SNI is a useful addition for treating CRS symptoms. SNI use in ARS therapy, however, is controversial. The results of systematic reviews and medical associations’ recommendations show the existing but limited efficacy of SNI in ARS. For clinical practice, nasal douches are recommended-whatever the form of rhinosinusitis-along with isotonic and hypertonic saline solutions in CRS (in ARS to a limited extent). To prevent infections, it is essential to clean the nasal douche thoroughly and use the proper salt concentration (2-3.5 %). 


Conclusive proof of the efficacy of SNI in the treatment of ARS is still pending. In CRS, SNI is one of the cornerstones of treatment.

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