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Neti Nirvana in a Box


Breathe easier, sleep better, feel better be healthier.

Experience nasal nourishment with an all-inclusive Neti Kit. Perfectly contoured pot? Check. Precisely measured salt packets? Check. A wash that cleans and moisturizes? Absolutely. It’s a holistic trifecta designed for optimal nasal health. And remember, for the best results, always use body-temperature water.

Dive into the soothing embrace of this kit and let it naturally whisk away irritants, clear mucus, and refresh those dry passages.

Pro Tip: Water needs to be Body Temperature – not too hot / not too cold

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Neti Pot Porcelain

Neti Salt (60 Packets)

Product Highlights

Essential Defense: The nasal passages are coated with a mucus layer that serves as a primary defense against infections. Regular nasal washing helps maintain this mucus layer, keeping it moist, clean, and healthy.

  • Scientifically Proven and Historically Validated: Saline nasal rinses have been a long-standing practice in the East and have gained popularity in the West for treating sinus issues, colds, allergies, and the effects of pollution. 
  • Preventative Health Benefits: Regular nasal rinsing with saline helps prevent the mucus from becoming too thick or too runny, which can lead to increased susceptibility to infections.

Routine and Remedial Uses:

  • Daily Use: Regular nasal washing helps maintain nasal hygiene.
  • Congestion Relief: Clears excess mucus during episodes of nasal congestion.
  • Allergy Management: Removes allergens like pollen during allergy seasons.
  • Environmental Exposure: Beneficial after exposure to pollutants or in dry conditions caused by air conditioning or heating.
  • Pre-meditation Preparation: Clears nasal passages before meditation or relaxation practices for smoother breathing.