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A low-cost monthly yoga membership allows you to maintain your Happiness. Keep your Yoga Dashboard with all your connections, Your milestone goals, your personal chart & access to teammates. Share on the Community Forum as you continue on your Happy Yoga Journey.




Continue on your Yoga Journey

Your daily staycation

Smile more. Do more. Love more. Live Happy.
Positive lifestyle

  • Keep the Habit of Happiness
  • Easily Maintain Your Yoga Routine
  • Be Part of a Positive Community

Yoga Practices

  • Each Completed Path Unlocks Additional Practices
  • Asanas, Pranayamas & Meditations On-Demand
  • Practices are Tracked & Charted

Your Dashboard

  • Review your Milestone Goals
  • Continue to Update Your Personal Chart
  • Keep Your Gratitude List

Kind Community

  • Maintain Connections
  • Access Study Yoga Community Forum
  • Continued Support

Access Private
Yoga Forums

  • Access Forums for Your Team Only, Kept Private
  • ONE Follow-Up Zoom Class
  • Enjoy Your Inward Yoga Journey… Let’s Chat!

No Lands of Mystery,
Just Answers.

StudyYoga is not just Yoga. It’s a Program that gives you a chance to change your lifestyle by embarking on a journey. Each Journey is an innovative 26-day Program designed to guide you to become your best self. The Programs combine various Yoga practices and motivational tactics to meet these specific goals. They take you on a deep personal journey that feels like you’re attending a rejuvenating wellness retreat without the need to leave your home. Psst…There’s even a SPA day!

We all come from a variety of backgrounds and have different goals and needs. That’s why we customized four programs that you can choose from, depending on your personal journey. They focus on reducing stress, revitalizing energy, assisting with weight management, and strengthening athleticism. Take a look at each Journey’s highlighted benefits and see what resonates with you the most.

The duration of daily Yoga sessions varies. Some sessions can be as short as 7 minutes, while others may extend to an hour or more. Different Paths provide a variety of session lengths to fit your schedule.
The Programs feature a combination of different styles and schools of Yoga. We take from Hatha Yoga, and Kundalini and incorporate Pranayama and Meditation techniques, to create a comprehensive experience.
Absolutely. Study Yoga Programs feature exercises that emphasize proper alignment. Regular practice can lead to improved body awareness and better posture.

Yes, each StudyYoga Path dedicates a full day to sleep improvement, providing you with three different tools to help you sleep better. 

Strengthening and sustaining motivation is directly addressed in each Path. Utilizing emotional factors, goal setting, and practice tracking, as well as Community support, all contribute to keeping you focused and enthusiastic on your Path.
Absolutely! After completing your Path, you get a week for free to keep enjoying the practices you learned. After that, you can choose to become a Member, and gain an Access Pass that includes full access to your dashboard with all your social connections, the practices from each Path you have completed, the Practice Tracking System, and the Community Forum.