The study of you, Happy. It's your Journey.
Meet Our Team of Yoga Guides

Guiding You Truthfully

You benefit from their yoga journeys.
Our Yoga Team has studied from top Gurus, done the research, developed advanced Teacher Training Yogi Programs, Published Teacher Training Manuals, has years of experience teaching ALL LEVELS of Yoga, and Traveled the World to Collect the Knowledge they share with you today.

Happiness is easy
when we do everything
with compassion.


Andrew Jones

Student at the DYC since 2006, staff since 2007.
Background in Advertising. Fun, light hearted and happy to help students of all levels.
Teaching at the Center since 2007 and specializes in beginner classes, Yoga Nidra and Psychic Development.

Personal statement: It’s a real blessing to practice at the Dharma Yoga Center with Sri Dharma and all the amazing practitioners of all levels. The center is like home, full of compassion which Sri Dharma teaches as the foundation of the practice. It is an honor to serve and share the knowledge.


Pedro Arnon

I am from Brazil. I live currently in England. I am a father of two children. I am student of Sri Dharma Mittra. I certified myself as a 700 hours dharma yoga teacher and I love to share what I’ve learned from my teacher.

Yoga is a way of living more resilient and more aware of what we are. I love life, nature, animals, surfing and to wonder about existence and the infiniteness of life.

When you are quiet,
you can see everything
with love.

When we allow for balance
between body, mind, and soul,
we honor the sacred magic
of our lives.


Amanbir Singh

Kundalini Yoga teacher, yoga therapist, and licensed acupuncturist based in New York City. Known for his sense of humor, music, and extensive knowledge of healing modalities, he offers a fun, direct approach to the dynamics of Kundalini Yoga.

Amanbir currently shares his in-depth understanding of energetic and physical anatomy in numerous Kundalini Yoga and yoga therapy trainings worldwide.
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Pam Jones

Pam was born and raised in London. Having been trained as a dancer in her early years, she loved the physicality of yoga but soon realized there was so much more.

She is a certified 1000hr Dharma Yoga Teacher and serves as a mentor for the Life of a Yogi Dharma Yoga Teacher Trainings in NYC. She is also a certified Ayurvedic coach and completed her Ayurvedic Nutrition and Culinary training with Divya Alter.
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Enjoy eating foods
that taste great and
make you feel fantastic.

About the Study Yoga founder

A different vision for a happy yoga

Guided by the belief: the purpose of Yoga is to be happy, StudyYoga was created.


Mira Citron

Mira Citron set out to create a new experiential yoga program that makes Happiness a lifestyle. Mira's distinctive approach distinguishes itself by harmonizing with individual natural tendencies and personal preferences. By providing easily customizable practices to accommodate diverse lifestyles, StudyYoga establishes the Habit of Happiness, ensuring its enduring presence. The methodology involves short, frequent sessions that fortify and train the body and mind. Concurrently, longer practices provide a deep connection with the Happiness inherent in one's soul. Mira's creation embodies ancient yoga philosophy that blends your practice with compassion, influences your life, promotes a harmonious and fulfilling lifestyle.

Happy is the purpose of
life, and happy makes
your life worth living.

Meet Our Kind Yoga Mentors

Giving you an extra hand

On your Yoga Journey, you have the opportunity to meet a world-acclaimed Swami, a Health and Fitness Coach, and more! They provide you with their expertise to guide you on your Yoga Path.


Swami Atmarupananda

Born in the U.S.A., discovered the Vedanta tradition of Hinduism as a teenager and developed what has become a lifelong fascination and dedication.

He joined the Ramakrishna Order of India as a monk in 1969 in Chicago and subsequently spent many years in India engaged in monastic, scholarly, and spiritual training.


Simeon Birnbaum

Simeon helps people overcome their barriers to wellbeing by inspiring health, joy, and playfulness. Simeon is a licensed massage therapist, health and fitness coach, RYT-500 Yoga Instructor, and life coach since 2006.

Simeon has shared the gift of massage therapy in a wide range of settings such as with people in hospice, cancer patients, corporate wellness programs, Cornell University Tennis Team and massage tables around the world.

Satkirin KaurKhalsa

Satkirin Kaur Khalsa

For over four decades Satkirin has devoted her life to expanding the consciousness of humanity through her music and through the practice of Naad Yoga. She transmits her understanding and experience through years of study and practice to heal and elevate her students. Her live performances of kirtan, mantra workshops, and her 22 albums carry you into a deep experience of joyous meditation.
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Cathrine Rocks

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Jimmy Ajughar

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