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Yogasana Organic Cotton Mat: Your Gateway to Indoor-Outdoor Zen

Whether it’s finding peace amidst the natural splendor outside or attaining tranquility within your indoor sanctuary, the Yogasana Organic Cotton Yoga Mat is a versatile choice. Tailored for meditation and stretching, it can follow your yoga journey across environments.

Plus, the mat delivers ample room for every pose. And if your practice takes you to the great outdoors, you’ll find it a standout choice for yoga on the grass.

Enjoy the harmony of nature and nurture with this organic cotton mat, and let the rest of the world fade away. Step onto the Yogasana Organic Cotton Yoga Mat, where every session is a step closer to Zen.

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Product Highlights

  • Product size 25” W x 72 L” (wider than traditional mats)
  • Non-slip – these cotton mats grip made of premium cotton our eco mat provides superior grip. the more you sweat the more your grip THE FEEL IS FIRM, not squishy.
  • Great for indoor or outdoor practices.
  • Comes with a 15 YEAR warranty practice on the mat if you aren’t happy – return it – No Sweat
  • Product with a that supports a cause ! For each purchase, a donation of $5 it made to provide pencils, pens, paper, and other school supplies to help the education of the children of our workers in India.