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X Shape Mouth Tape


Tape Shut

Mouth Taping offers potential benefits like improved nasal breathing, reduced snoring, enhanced oxygen intake, deeper sleep, and better oral health.

Before trying mouth taping, ensure your nasal passages are clear. You can get used to wearing the tape by adjusting it while watching TV or relaxing. Initially, your mouth may naturally push open the tape, but as you become accustomed to it, nasal breathing will feel more natural.

Choosing the tape depends on personal preferences, as different styles provide varying comfort levels for each individual. Occasionally changing the style allows you to rotate the tape’s location, preventing the skin from drying out due to consistent long-term use.

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Sleep Tape - Mouth Sleep Strips

  • Comfortable
  • Pain-free removal
  • Advanced silicone adhesive
  • breathable
  • hypoallergenic