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Elevate Your Practice With Wrist Buddy Blocks

Indulge in the luxury of effortless alignment adjustments with the Wrist Buddy Blocks. Their wider design ensures enhanced stability, enabling the confident deepening of each pose. Boasting carefully crafted hand grooves, these blocks harmonize comfort with precise alignment, taking undue pressure off your wrists. The result? Full engagement and strengthening of your arms, minus the discomfort. As you weave these blocks into your practice—from forward folds to planks—you’ll notice a marked improvement in your overall performance and technique. These aren’t just yoga blocks; they’re your indispensable companions in the journey to mastering each pose.

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Wrist Buddy Blocks

(Set of 2)

Product Highlights

  • Size 6″L x 9″W x 4″ – slightly thicker than basic blocks
  • Lightweight making adjustments super easy – get in the perfect position
  • Allows alignment to easy develop without wrist pain.
  • Really really comfortable!!!