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Vibration Healer

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Soothing Vibrations Heal...

Transcend into tranquility as sound therapy takes on a physical form. The Vibration Healer sends rhythmic, wave-like vibrations, providing a gentle, restorative massage. So simple to use and profoundly effective it inspired us to create a video to illustrate its remarkable benefits.

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Product Highlights

  • Included: Comes with an Otto 128 Weighted Tuning Fork featuring a 3-inch handle for ease of use, and a soft carrying bag for protection.
  • High-Quality Construction: High-grade, impact-resistant aluminum alloy. Each tuning fork is machined, not molded, ensuring superior durability and precision.

  • Pure Tone Frequencies: The frequencies are set to standards based on the Reynolds Aluminum Engineering Study, making them suitable for sound therapy, as well as medical and scientific applications.

    • Precision Tuning: Each fork is tuned to within 0.5% of the indicated frequency at standard room temperature (20 degrees Celsius, 68 degrees Fahrenheit), ensuring precise sound production for therapeutic use.
  • Educational Resources: For those new to using tuning forks, educational and training resources are available at to help you get started effectively.