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Toe Socks

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Tiptoe Into Comfort

Step into a world where toes bask in individual comfort with Toe Socks. Designed to uphold toe alignment, they make way for enhanced flexibility and circulation.

Beyond function, these socks whisper softness with every step, merging durability and luxury in one stride.

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4 Pairs ($15.65)

Product Highlights

  • Purpose-Built for Performance: VWELL Toe Socks are designed specifically for high-performance outdoor sports, enhancing your enjoyment and comfort during running and other physical activities.
  • Moisture-Wicking Technology: These toe socks feature advanced moisture-wicking capabilities to keep your feet cool and dry, while slip-resistant properties reduce friction and prevent sliding inside your shoes.
  • Enhanced Comfort and Fit: The sock’s mouth includes added spandex for elasticity, ensuring a snug fit around the ankle without loosening over time.
  • Durability and Design: Crafted with nearly invisible stitches to enhance durability, these socks are built to withstand rigorous use. The unique five-toe design covers each toe individually, eliminating seams for increased softness and comfort during extended wear.
  • Versatile Sizing and Lightweight Feel: Suitable for most, VWELL toe socks are designed to fit US Men’s shoe sizes 8-11 and Women’s sizes 10-13. Their lightweight construction allows toes to move freely, enhancing relaxation and natural foot movement.
  • Breathability and High Performance: With a focus on breathability, these five-finger socks keep your feet comfortable and fresh, making them ideal for active individuals who demand both performance and durability from their gear.