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Collapsible foot spa


Portable Pedi Pampering

Tired feet meet their match with customizable settings tailored just for you. It’s all at your disposal whether you fancy a warm bubble bath or an invigorating massage. The highlight? Collapse, store, and carry easily for a rejuvenating foot spa experience anytime—anywhere!

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Product Highlights

  • Pedicure Stone: Included for foot care, assists in removing calluses, corns, and dead skin.
  • Adjustable Heating with Temperature Control: Provides a customizable heating experience to help relax foot muscles, with a choice of three temperature levels.
  • Vibration Massage: Delivers an enjoyable massage experience, helping to further relax the feet and alleviate muscle pain.
  • Mini Massage Points: Additional feature designed to target specific areas of the feet for a thorough massage.
  • 14 Removable Massage Rollers: These are shaped to fit the contours of the feet, providing maximum comfort and effective massage coverage from all angles.