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This regal experience begins with a Traditional Neti Pot treatment prepared with warm water and salt. It deeply cleanses and purifies the nasal passages,  removing toxins and nasal debris. The treatment also includes the essential oil nasal wash. During the Neti Pot Ritual, it is recommended to the Oils into the Neti Pot Salt solution. These essential oils moisturize and soothe the nasal passages.

Enter relaxation as the infrared lights gently penetrate healing into your nasal passages.  The subtle warmness of these powerful lights reduces nasal inflammation, making breathing easier.

The application of soft nasal vents helps to sustain the effects of the Neti Pot and Infrared light by gently creating a pathway for the flow of oxygen. Effortlessly widen nasal passages with soft vents and enjoy increased airflow.

After cleansing and refreshing the nasal passages, the treatment concludes with refined full-body oxygenation.   Applying mouth tape will guide each breath of oxygen, ensuring maximized rejuvenation.  The variety of Mouth Tape shapes and sizes ensure your comfort and fit. All are designed for safe overnight use. Indulge with the application of Mouth Tape during daytime activities, and it will immediately draw attention to the breath, curbing mouth breathing. Discover the comfort and power of maximizing each breath as you relax, work, or even exercise. Experience the spectacular benefits, and sleeping with the Mouth Tape will be an essential evening ritual.

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Deep Healing

Step into the holistic experience of a detoxifying foot spa bath. This simple relaxing foot bath features a warm herbal pouch dipped in warm water. The powerful herb foot bath removes toxins and enhances immunity. Complete this ritual with gentle massage moves that stimulate blood flow and induce profound muscular relaxation.

The application of pressure to various points along the foot, combined with the benefits from Essential oils, restores the flow of energy and releases blockages. These treatments prepare the body for restful sleep.

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Herbal Infusion

For centuries, Ancient traditional herbal supplements have promoted deep, rejuvenating sleep. The Sleep Enhancing Herbal supplements Ashwagandha, Valerian, and Passionflower are carefully selected to improve sleep quality. Each herbal supplement is recommended for specific sleep and relaxation remedies. Over the course of about two weeks, their effects will become apparent. 
  • Ashwagandha is the perfect choice for those seeking relief from exhaustion and fatigue. This incredible herb comes with the added benefit of no reported toxicities.
  • Valerian is thoughtfully recommended for those seeking respite from restlessness and insomnia, inviting you to embrace a night of tranquil bliss and awaken refreshed and renewed.
  • Passionflower (Passiflora) combined with Valerian offers a divine fusion recommended for those seeking refuge from anxiety and restlessness. This harmonious blend induces drowsiness with a peaceful state of tranquility.
Kindly, it is important to use these supplements in safe, appropriate dosages. While they offer exceptional benefits, it’s essential to consult with a healthcare professional if you are taking other medications or have pre-existing health conditions. This precaution ensures that the herb is suitable for your specific circumstances and avoids any potential interactions or adverse effects.
Herbal Infusion