Confident Slenderizer Path 1 Elevation

Motivation & Confidence

Days 14-28

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  • 14 days Planned Itinerary THREE Zoom Classes
  • Master the Happiness Habit Technique
  • Full Day to discover & try foods that fire up your metabolism

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Practices & Activities

Confidence is Trust in Yourself
  • Enhance self-discipline through simple, gradual techniques
  • Cultivating awareness and appreciation for your needs
  • Understand and tame your cravings

Happiness is a Lifestyle

Discover Unlimited Motivation
  • Improve your posture, boost your confidence, and unleash the impact of your words
  • Enhance self-discipline through simple, gradual techniques, all while cultivating awareness and appreciation for your needs
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  • 14 Days Journey Begins July 14, 2024
  • THREE Live Zoom Class
  • 1 Week Membership Access