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Fill your mind with compassion, and your heart will align with it. Engage in your Observational Journaling to maintain a perspective filled with gratitude towards yourself and others. The Essential Practices offer short exercises that empower your confidence. Additional practices within this Path will strengthen both your body and your confidence while also deepening your levels of compassion. The milestone tracker will continue to count your practices so you can easily sustain your routine, ensuring you keep the Habit of Happiness.

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Your Path, Your Pace, Your Practices: Continuously add new practices to your membership every time you complete a path, maintaining the same $12 monthly fee. 

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Strengthen core & lungs

Powerful pranayama practices ignite the energy traveling in your breath. Strengthen your practice, and your strengthen the  energy that washes through your body purifying it as it supports your posture.


control physical cravings
Separate your body’s physical responses from your mind’s interpretations. Understand the true needs of your body, leading to a feeling of control and confidence.
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building confidence

Designed to provide short frequent practices, always challenging and best of all, super fun. Discover the impact of consistent short frequent practices.

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We are so happy to have you as part of the Study Yoga Community. Please, we invite you to continue to engage in the forums, with our guides and with your connections & we are excited to have you form new one connections!

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