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Discipline strengthens willpower through a consistent schedule, easy access to focused practices, and the support of a strong community. Maintaining a practice of Observational Journaling keeps a clear path toward focusing on compassion and achieving desired results. Endurance is bolstered by persisting with your Essential Practices, where discipline is fueled. Your milestone tracker ensures that your routine remains robust, solidifying your habit of happiness.

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Steady Even Breath

Regulate the length, pace and capacity of your breath and your will endurance continues to grow. Control the breath and sustain your energy.


desire discipline

Deepen all aspects of life by using your discipline to put your desires to work. Motivation from compassion guides you to achieve discipline to reach your highest desires.

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increase range & Mobility

Practices that provide protection from injury combined and also increase balance, stability and movements. Build endurance while practice relaxing the body and mind.

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We are so happy to have you as part of the Study Yoga Community. Please, we invite you to continue to engage in the forums, with our guides and with your connections & we are excited to have you form new one connections!

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