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Copper Tongue Scraper


Your Oral Hygeine Says A Lot

Upgrade your oral hygiene routine with tihs Copper Tongue Scraper. In just a few minutes, you can efficiently scrape away bacteria, food residue, dead cells, and other unwanted particles that gather on your tongue.

This effortless yet effective process leaves you with a cleaner tongue and fresher breath. Take your daily oral care to the next level, and embrace the refreshing feeling of a truly clean mouth.

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2 Pack copper w/Travel Case 

2 Pack Spoon Shape

** Steel not copper

Product Highlights

  • Reduce Oral Buildup & Enhance Breath Freshness: MasterMedi’s ayurvedic copper tongue scraper removes that white, coated layer on your tongue while promoting better oral hygiene.
  • Crafted from Pure Copper: Made from natural copper, this Ayurveda-inspired product helps prevent the growth of plaque, enhancing the scraping effectiveness. Ayurveda recommends copper dental tools for a better sense of taste and oral health. Copper tongue scrapers are stain-resistant, rust-proof, and mold-resistant, ensuring durability and ease of cleaning—suitable for both dishwasher and gentle hand wash.
  • Satisfaction Guarantee: Returns within 30 days accepted.