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Mouth Taping offers potential benefits like improved nasal breathing, reduced snoring, enhanced oxygen intake, deeper sleep, and better oral health.

Before trying mouth taping, ensure your nasal passages are clear. You can get used to wearing the tape by adjusting it while watching TV or relaxing. Initially, your mouth may naturally push open the tape, but as you become accustomed to it, nasal breathing will feel more natural.

Choosing the tape depends on personal preferences, as different styles provide varying comfort levels for each individual. Occasionally changing the style allows you to rotate the tape’s location, preventing the skin from drying out due to consistent long-term use.

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Soma Mouth Tape

  • Anti Snoring Solution – Soma mouth tape for sleeping is the best solution on the market to stop snoring and breathing obstruction. Our anti-snoring mouth tape is a great solution for men, women, kids & at-night mouth-breathers
  • Improve Your Sleep Quality – Soma mouth tape increases oxygen intake by allowing for nose breathing, meaning a better night’s sleep and increased morning energy levels. Our sleep strips are a simple yet effective solution to better sleep!
  • Gentle & Pain-Free – Soma sleep strips are painless and are made of a soft, non-irritating & hypoallergenic material. They have been tested to ensure maximum adhesion while being gentle enough not to create skin irritation.
  • Boost Your Immunity – Nasal breathing promotes nitric oxide intake, which helps boost immune system responses. Soma’s mouth tape for sleeping improves your immune function with just a single sleep tape at night. Mouth-breathing tape has also had benefits in improving anxiety & depression.
  • Better Bone Structure & Oral Health – Nose breathing aids in filtering out dust and harmful allergens, while improving your facial definition by aligning your tongue and palette position. Using Soma mouth tape at night can prevent mouth breathing which contributes to bad breath and tooth decay, as well as sunken cheekbones & less prominent jaw lines.