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Liforme Mat


The Gripping Balance of Comfort and Alignment

When choosing a mat, it’s crucial to consider your unique needs and environment. If you’re laying your mat on a plush carpet, for instance, the thinner, travel-sized Liforme Mat may offer a better balance between cushioning and stability.

The Liforme yoga mat delivers the perfect blend of grip and glide. The Liforme

Mat is a versatile choice that supports poses requiring a firm grip while making smooth, easy-to-slide stretches possible. Its unique texture offers a nice grip, creating a balance that’s just right for any pose.

But the Liforme Mat offers more than just a great surface to practice on – it features integrated alignment lines to help guide your poses, adding a helpful layer of precision to your practice.

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Travel Size Mat

Product Highlights

  • Size options! Regular size (185cm long x 68cm wide), X Long (210xm long x 70cm wide) and Travel 180cm long x 66cm wide
  • Great smooth but still sticky surface.
  • All mats are lightweight making travel easy.
  • High quality – easy to clean, very durable mats.
  • A variety of colors available.