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Comfortable Mat


Cushioned Comfort Meets Length for a Luxe Yoga Experience

This Jade Fusion Yoga Mat is a game-changer for those who appreciate the finer things in their practice. Excellent grip, ideal for various poses, and a slightly rough surface combine to deliver a non-slip, secure yoga experience.

This mat shines when it comes to handling sweat, all while providing that extra cushion for a plusher feel beneath you. If you’re looking for an upgrade in space, the extra-long version is your ticket to extended stretches.

One key tip: factor in the type of flooring beneath your mat. Extra cushioning might reduce stability for balancing poses if you practice on a soft carpet.

Remember, these mats carry more weight due to their added thickness. So, they might not be your first choice for yoga on the go. But if knee comfort is a priority, the extra heft is well worth it.

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Product Highlights

  • Offered in standard size (68″L x 24″W x 0.31″ thick) and extra-long (74″L x 24″W x 0.31″ thick), the Jade Fusion Mat has something for every yoga enthusiast. Step up to a more luxurious practice and say hello to ultimate comfort!