Tension Reliever Path 3

Maintain Tranquility

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Ancient Practices

Deep relaxation
Practice breathing techniques that enhance your resilience to environmental stress and regulate your nervous system. Self-exploration is the path to finding happiness.

Feel Connected

Become Patient, Compassionate & Humble

Surrender to inner peace. Experience contentment and satisfaction from having put forth your best intentions and efforts.  Deepen your connection with the universal power from OM.


Increase Spine strength & Flexibilty
Strengthen your resilience by building physical endurance, refine your posture to radiate poise and self-assurance, and hasten the process of releasing negativity and embracing a lighter, freer state of being.

Happiness is a Lifestyle

laugh, Sleep & Eat
Nurture genuine laughter that resonates from your soul, making it an effortless and regular part of your life. Enhance your sleep quality through proven and impactful practices. Treat yourself to nourishing superfoods that not only promote your physical well-being but also support the cultivation of lasting happiness as a daily habit.
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Path Includes

  • 14 Days Journey Begins August 12, 2023
  • THREE Live Zoom Class
  • 1 Week Membership Access