Confident Slenderizer Path 3

Empower Self-Control

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know & believe

you are perfect


Ancient Practices

Remove Negativity

Sharpen your focus to forge a deep connection between your breath and soul. Activate the subtle muscles in your core. Boost your metabolism while letting go of negative emotions and thoughts.

Soul Power

Combine Confidence, Self Love & Self-Control

Release your true nature, perfect. Feel assured that you are deserving of self-love just as you are. Surrender control to your soul, allowing it to influence your thoughts and actions. Empower strength by tapping into the immense power within you


stand strong

Adopt asana routines that perpetually strengthen your core and the muscles essential for supporting your posture. Experience self-assurance and control over a sturdy body and mind.

Happiness is a Lifestyle

laugh, Sleep & Eat

Laughter connects you with your soul. Enhance the quality of your sleep with effective practices. Acknowledge and regulate unhealthy eating habits. Love yourself and feel happy.

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Path Includes

  • 14 Days Journey Begins August 12, 2023
  • THREE Live Zoom Class
  • 1 Week Membership Access