Confident Slenderizer Path 2

Appreciate Yourself

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go within


Ancient Practices

stronger, & Deeper breath practice

Strengthen your core, increase lung capacity, and optimize your metabolic breathing techniques. Practice and acquire additional techniques to enhance your breath control.

Awareness of Self-Love

Practice self-compassion

Allow yourself the self-care and compassion you deserve. Create a habit of embracing this empowering mindset. Reprogram mental cravings to align with and uplift your happiness.


Grounded and Strong

Engage in practices that emphasize a firm foundation and correct alignment. Move with intention and self-confidence.

Happiness is a Lifestyle

laugh, Sleep & Eat

Engage in laughter exercises that not only burn calories but also clear the mind. Explore sleep techniques that enhance the quality of your rest. Treat yourself to delicious foods that align with your goals.

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Path Includes

  • 14 Days Journey Begins August 12, 2023
  • THREE Live Zoom Class
  • 1 Week Membership Access