Athletic Maximizer Path 2

The Competitive Edge

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Unlimited kindness

mental toughness


Ancient Practices

Power from Within

The synergy of visualization and dynamic breath routines has the ability to reset your mindset and revitalize your body, amplifying the pleasure derived from your athletic pursuits and shielding you from burnout.

Deepen Awareness

Connection generates motivation

Embracing and mentally reinforcing kindness acts as a transformative force, turning your actions into a powerful generator that fills your body and mind with motivation and invigorating energy.


release tightness

Asanas are a moving meditation providing physical benefits while relaxing the mind and developing deeper compassion and connection with your environment. Release Stale Tightness and Bring in Fresh Energy.

Happiness is a Lifestyle

laugh, Sleep & Eat

Make the ordinary extraordinary with laughter practices designed to bring Happiness into every moment.Expand your breath and stretch to unlock deeper relaxation. Amp up your energy levels with high-quality, flavorful, and energy-enriched snacks. 

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Path Includes

  • 14 Days Journey Begins August 12, 2023
  • THREE Live Zoom Class
  • 1 Week Membership Access